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After its presentation in Barcelona, the Etioca Taxi Miner has arrived in the Spanish capital to arouse the interest of both locals and outsiders in the sector. The cause, a revolutionary model, not only because of its spectacular design, but also because it proposes a paradigm shift in the sector.

Etioca holding, an international company based in Gibraltar, has visited Madrid to present the Miner, a new concept of electric taxi that promises to revolutionise the sector.
Designed and manufactured in Turin (Italy), it was presented to taxi drivers in the Spanish capital at a meeting that took place in the car park of the Madrid-Puerta de Atocha Station, in what was the second trip to the road in Spain for the Etioca Road Show-2023 Word Tour, after visiting Barcelona a few weeks ago.
The novelty of this new business model proposed by Etioca Holding is that the Miner cannot be bought: it is marketed on a pay-per-use basis. Rates start at 0.36 euro cents per kilometre driven, although packages are also offered that include additional services such as battery replacement, daily vehicle washing, insurance, maintenance and vehicle replacement in the event of a breakdown.

Currently, taxi drivers have the possibility to fill in a pre-booking form, which is available on the website, where they can register for a payment of 100 euros. This amount is used to manage the feasibility of the order and is returned to the future drivers on the ETIOCA debit card on the day the vehicle is delivered to them, from 2024 onwards.
Etioca’s founder, Mark Ishakov, and CEO, Roberto Fiorello, were in charge of presenting the peculiarities of the project to the Madrid taxi drivers, who highlighted the value of the ETIOCA ecosystem, based on a technology and platform that offers innovative solutions and services for alternative and sustainable mobility.
Etioca Taxi Miner is the first project of the ETIOCA ecosystem and comes after five years of analysis of the needs of the taxi sector and urban mobility trends. It is a vehicle designed for taxi drivers and loaned for their use, without the need for advance payments, and with daily electric charging (battery exchange), daily washing of the vehicle, insurance and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. It is aimed at a new generation of entrepreneur-taxi drivers who are no longer obliged to buy a car, but can have it for their use thanks to ETIOCA.
Etioca Road Show-2023 World Tour also served to present a new generation of service vehicles built on Anna, the platform based on a modular architecture from which Miner has been developed, and which allows different vehicle configurations, not only taxis, but also work vehicles (last mile delivery), ambulances, emergency vehicles, security and defence vehicles, with the aim of making all forms of road transport sustainable. By the end of 2024

The target is to have the first 10,000 ETIOCA taxis in circulation by the end of 2024. Annual production in 2025 will be 45,000 units and will reach 100,000 units per year in 2027. Etioca is looking to increase investment to USD 400 million to start the industrial plan and to reach USD 1.2 billion in the next three years.
Currently, there are already 90,000 pre-bookings under negotiation in Italy, Spain, Israel, Latvia.
What is the Miner like? Let’s take a look at some aspects. The driver’s seat is isolated from the rest of the taxi, is fully equipped and guarantees high levels of safety and security. It is easily accessible, barrier-free and has seven modular seats for passengers, plus one for people with reduced mobility, who can access the interior unaided via an automatic platform lift. Miner can also comfortably transport large leisure objects such as bicycles, skis and snowboards.
It is powered by an electric motor delivering 120 kW (163 hp) and reaches a top speed limited to 150 km/h (93 mph). It is 4.95 metres long, 1.95 metres wide and 2.01 metres high, with a wheelbase of 3.5 metres and two-wheel drive. The vehicle weighs close to two tonnes and, with a low centre of gravity, boasts a comfortable ride and safe road holding.
The vehicle is recharged by rapid battery exchange at dedicated stations. The batteries, with a capacity of 100 kWh, guarantee a range of up to 350 kilometres (WLTP urban cycle).
Based on the latest knowledge of the pandemic, each vehicle will automatically disinfect itself once all passengers have left the interior, using a mixed system of ultraviolet light and disinfectant atomiser. In addition to changing the batteries, the driver can also wash the vehicle daily at specific stations.


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