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Multipurpose Platform

A new concept of multi-function electric Taxi

Years of analysis of the involved industries and mobility trends gave life to our first cutting-edge project: the ETIOCA TAXI.

The futuristic vehicle is part of “Anna”, an innovative platform based on a modular architecture that allows different vehicle configurations.

The first focus of our platform are taxis, because the taxi industry combines a high number of users and a large amount of vehicles, guaranteeing a fast integration with the ecosystem.

In the near future, Anna platform will give life to a new generation of service vehicles, such as taxis, delivery, school shuttle, rescue, fire department, police and defense.

This will provide the opportunity for Local Governments and Authorities to actively participate and offer their commitment to the ETIOCA Charity project.

Etioca Multipurpose Platform

The ETIOCA TAXI is a comfortable vehicle, easy to access, free of architectural barriers. It features seating for 7, plus one for disabled passengers who can get onboard without the need of assistance, thanks to an automatic lifting platform.

Passengers can use ETIOCA TAXIS for various purposes: from urban commuting, to business meetings on the go; for the transport of bulky leisure items such as bicycles, skis and snowboards, or even simple strollers.

The isolated driver cabin is fully-equipped and guarantees safety and security.

Prompt assistance is provided for cleaning and recharging the vehicle through rapid battery change (battery swap) and through dedicated washing and recharging stations.

Dynamic advertising panels with LED technology are positioned on the sides and above the vehicle. A mini bar with food and drinks and also a small shop service can be included to enhance the passengers’ travel experience.

User Experience

Unique features for an unprecedented user-experience
Etioca Benefits


Integrated services that bring benefits for drivers and passengers

The innovative features of the ETIOCA TAXI, together with an integrated management and payment software, create benefits both for drivers and passengers, while supporting the Charity mission.

The electric vehicle is given in use by ETIOCA to the driver in possession of a license, who doesn’t buy the vehicle, but pays only for the real mileage he/she drives.

A dedicated APP will allow the passengers to book short and long-haul trips, including international ones, to comfortably reach airports, stations, hotels, but also to get to the office or to safely take the children to school.


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