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Investing in new generations for the future of our planet

We are living in a world riven by conflict. We believe that the majority of conflicts which happen every day, from those between countries to those between individuals, mainly derive from contrasts among different generations of people. Each generation is characterized by shared values and attitudes, which affect the thoughts, beliefs and actions of individuals.

  • LOST GENERATION (1890-1915)

    The term “lost generation” came from a statement from Gertrude Stein in A moveable feast: “All of you young people who served in the war, are all a lost generation”. Lost Generation was the first generation to be labelled in history.


    People born in those ages were too young to serve and fight World War I and they were too old to fight for World War II.


    The Greatest Generation grew up and most likely fought in World War II. Women and men all combined powers to make their country a great one to live in.

  • SILENT GENERATION (1925-1945)

    This Generation is silent because they would not speak out against the Government. They seemed not to want to make a change or difference in the world. In contrast, they lived their lives, hoping to have enough to survive.

  • BABY BOOMER (1946-1964)

    This Generation grew up in a time when developed countries were prosperous and the economy boomed. Birth rates were at an all-time high. No more World Wars were going on and the world was at peace for a while.

Etioca Generation
  • GENERATION X (1965-1979)

    Generation X is known to have the highest income and highest level of education in developed countries, to this day. This generation grew up in a world of wars and historical events.

  • XENNIALS (1975-1985)

    This Generation is known to have more traditional relationships. Those kind of relationships that existed before the advent of social media and dating apps.


    This Generation is being more independent with their opinions and choices. Global warming became a real issue during the adulthood of this generation. They are more likely to be cautious of energy conservation and saving the earth.

  • GENERATION Z (1995-2012)

    The people of this Generation are more likely to rely on themselves. They do not like to be under control by the Government or other authority figures.


Over time, differences among generations are getting bigger and bigger. Especially nowadays, we have the tendency to concentrate only on ourselves, easily distracted by superficial matters. Too often we forget about the truly important things in life, such as family ties, sociality and culture.

We want to act today and drive change by providing equal conditions and opportunities to the future generations around the world. The effect of our actions will be visible in the long-term, when we shall have a new generation of young adults who grew up within equal and healthy environments. The new generations shall not be affected by the typical conflict arising from differences among generations we have assisted until today.

Etioca The Context

The Context

An estimated 153 million children worldwide are orphans (UNICEF). 263 million children and youth are out of school (UNESCO).

There are 69 million children worldwide who suffer from malnutrition (World Bank).

Children represent roughly a third of the world’s population but account for almost half of all people living in extreme poverty (UNICEF).

There are over 250 million children living in countries affected by conflict (UNICEF).

Immediate action is needed to improve the lives of children around the world and ensure safety, health and education in their future.


How is ETIOCA going to contribute?

Each electric vehicle designed and produced by ETIOCA, and delivered to the market with the integration of the subscription platform of the ETIOCA ecosystem, will allow us to economically support, on a monthly basis, the health and education of one child in the world.

The financial support will be addressed to children all over the planet, from 0 to 18 years.

By the end of 2024, we plan to produce 10,000 electric vehicles. This means that 10,000 children will have access to health and education, through a part of the revenues that will be generated by the ETIOCA ecosystem.


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