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This cutting-edge electric vehicle is the result of five years of analysis of the taxi sector and the new standards of urban mobility.

Etioca Miner, the out-of-the-ordinary electric taxi that no one will have to buy.
Mobility is in the process of change and many projects are taking the pulse of solutions for the near future. One of them comes from Etioca, a holding company based in Gibraltar, which for more than five years has been analysing the needs of the taxi sector to create not only a new vehicle, but also a different concept of use and operation.
The Miner prototype, which is being presented in cities in different countries and has now arrived in Madrid, has been manufactured in Turin, Italy, driven by the Israeli Mark Ishakov. In addition to its avant-garde design, this almost 5-metre-long vehicle is characterised by a driver’s seat isolated from the rest, with an easily accessible passenger compartment made up of seven modular passenger seats, one of which is adaptable for people with reduced mobility.

The engine is 100 percent electric and offers 120 kW of power, the equivalent of 163 hp, with a top speed limited to 150 km/h (93 mph). The 100 kWh battery capacity allows an urban range of 350 km/h, and once depleted, it can be quickly exchanged at dedicated stations without having to wait for a recharge.
On board there are digital screens for service management, a payment terminal, minibar, smartphone chargers and a real-time location map.
It is not a taxi that can be purchased as a property, but rather it can be leased for use without down payments, with daily electric charging (via battery exchange), vehicle washing, insurance and maintenance, all depending on the package of services with which the lease is agreed. After use, each vehicle is automatically disinfected using a combination of ultraviolet light and disinfectant spray.
Currently 90,000 pre-bookings are under negotiation in Italy, Spain, Israel and Latvia, and if the industrial plan secures the necessary investment, a fleet of the first 10,000 taxis is planned to be in circulation by 2024.


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