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The electric taxi of the future is called Etioca Miner and will be contracted by subscription

A Gibraltar-based company has been developing an electric vehicle specifically for taxis for five years. It is called Etioca Miner, it offers many solutions for the future and they have just shown it to taxi drivers in Barcelona. How is this Etioca Miner?
Etioca is a Gibraltar-based company created by Israeli businessman and inventor Mark Ishakov, who has spent five years developing the Etioca Miner, a prototype vehicle specially designed for electric taxis.
Designed in Italy by Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro, the Etioca Miner has been on display these days at the Barcelona airport to be displayed to the taxi drivers who work there (later, it will be shown to more taxi drivers at the airports of Madrid, Valencia, Marbella and , Barcelona again) and show them this vehicle, which is based on a modular electric propulsion platform called ‘Anna’ and on which taxi vehicles can be created, but also last-mile delivery vehicles, ambulances, emergency vehicles or even security and defense vehicles.
During these visits, the company’s managers will also take the opportunity to meet with local and government authorities, last-mile delivery drivers, police forces, defense forces and even representatives of Correos.

Etioca Miner: the taxi that cannot be bought
One of the most groundbreaking issues of the Etioca Miner electric taxi is that it has been designed so that taxi professionals do not have to purchase it, but opt for this vehicle, whose first units are scheduled to be delivered in 2024, through a subscription model that, In addition, it would include services such as daily electric charging, insurance, maintenance, vehicle d and even daily washing. The company provides a basic rate of 0.36 euros per kilometer, but this will increase depending on the aforementioned additional services.
Etioca Miner: an electric taxi with its own customer app… and its own cryptocurrency!

“A disconcerting fact that emerged in the meeting with the taxi drivers in Barcelona”, declares Roberto Fiorello, the CEO of EtiocaM; “It is that every day the approximately 10,000 taxi drivers in the city travel half of their work time ‘empty’, without passengers, releasing 250 tons of CO2 into the air during this time,” explains this Italian manager. To avoid this, Etioca offers taxi drivers to pre-book an Etioca Miner electric taxi, which you can do for 100 euros on the company’s website (the amount will be returned to you the same day your vehicle is delivered), the possibility of being registered in the Etioca application, which will allow them to access the user base of these taxis and opt for the closest services through geolocation, thus reducing customer waiting times.
But this is not the most innovative of the Etioca Miner, since the company wants customers to be able to pay for the services in a company-owned cryptocurrency: the Etioca ECO, which is generated automatically for each kilometer traveled. In addition, when they do, the taxi driver will receive a cash return as a reward for having contributed to ‘mining’ or creating each new Etioca digital currency.

How is the electric taxi Etioca Miner.
The Miner is a 4.95 meter long and 2.01 meter long vehicle, with a 3.5 meter wheelbase. It incorporates an electric motor of 120 kW (163 CV; it only drives two wheels) and reaches a maximum speed limited to 150 km/h. It has a 100 KWh capacity battery pack that offers a range of up to 350 kilometers. In addition, it is expected that the vehicle will always remain in service thanks to the rapid exchange of batteries at specific stations.
Inside the Etioca Miner, the driver’s position is isolated from the rest of the taxi, which in the rear offers up to seven modular seats for passengers, in addition to one specifically for people with reduced mobility and their wheelchairs, which can be accessed to the Miner thanks to an automatic lifting platform. Likewise, the Etioca Miner includes a trailer at the rear that allows you to comfortably transport bicycles, skis or even snowboards.

Lastly, and to prevent the spread of diseases such as COVID, each vehicle will be automatically disinfected when all passengers have left the interior. It will do so through a mixed system of ultraviolet light and a disinfectant liquid atomizer.
A project with high expectations The company expects that, by the end of 2024, up to 10,000 Etioca taxis will already be in circulation. In addition, it estimates that in 2025 the annual production of this electric taxi will reach 45,000 units, and will reach 100,000 units per year in 2027. For now, Italy, Spain, Israel, and Latvia are already negotiating up to 90,000 pre-reservations. And, to speed up production times, the company is negotiating the use of a manufacturing plant belonging to an Italian strategic partner.


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