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Designed by Giorgietto and Fabrizio Giugiaro, the Etioca is assembled on a platform based on a modular architecture that allows for different vehicle configurations.

The experience of Giorgetto Giugiaro, awarded designer of the century, together with Fabrizio Giugiaro, with more than 30 years of experience in car design, will be available to the Etioca world to design the taxi of the future, a vehicle that has recently been presented in Barcelona, and which anticipates what the electric vehicles of the future for public transport of people will be like.

The Etioca “Miner” will be the first of the vehicles to be born from the “Anna” generation, a platform based on a modular architecture that allows different vehicle configurations. In the near future, “Anna” will give life to a new range of service vehicles: taxis, work vehicles, school buses, emergency vehicles, security (fire and police) and defense.

«Miner», the first functional prototype of Etioca Taxi, promotes sustainable mobility, responding to the needs of citizens and municipal administrations, promoting the use of comfortable means of transport and preventing citizens from using their own car for short journeys and medium distance. All this, with the consent of a new generation of taxi drivers who will no longer buy the vehicle, but will receive it ready for use and will only pay for the actual mileage traveled.
The driver’s position is isolated from the rest of the taxi, is fully equipped and guarantees high levels of safety and protection.
This vehicle is easily accessible, has no barriers and has seven modular seats for passengers, as well as one for people with reduced mobility, who can access the interior without help, using an automatic lifting platform. In addition, “Miner” allows you to comfortably transport large leisure objects such as bicycles, skis and snowboards.

The «Miner» moves with an electric motor that delivers a power of 120 kW (163 CV) and reaches a maximum speed limited to 150 km/h. It is 4.95 meters long, 1.95 meters wide and 2.01 meters high, with a 3.5-meter wheelbase and two-wheel drive. The weight of the vehicle is close to two tons and, having a low center of gravity, it boasts comfortable driving and safe behavior on the road.
The vehicle is recharged thanks to the quick exchange of batteries at specific stations. The batteries, with a capacity of 100 KWh, guarantee a range of up to 350 kilometers (in WLTP urban cycle). Several configurations are offered for the batteries, with which Etioca wants to guide its customers towards the electrical transition without fear of anxiety due to lack of charge.

On board there are many other tools, including digital screens for managing services, a payment terminal, an on-board store, a minibar, chargers for all types of smartphones, and a real-time map.
Based on the latest knowledge about the pandemic, each vehicle will be automatically disinfected when all passengers have left the interior, using a mixed system of ultraviolet light and disinfectant spray. In addition to changing the batteries, the driver can also wash the vehicle daily at specific stations.
ETIOCA Holding is an international company based in Gibraltar, founded by Mark Ishakov, an Israeli citizen, inventor and successful businessman. Roberto Fiorello is the CEO of the company. Etioca has created a unique ecosystem of electric vehicles with a full range of services that offer an unprecedented experience to drivers and passengers.
The Etioca Industrial Pole will be built in several locations, foreseeing a pilot plant (the final choice will be made in the coming months), an assembly plant, a production plant and a Gigafactory around which the supplier plants will also be built.


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