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With capacity for up to seven people, it mounts an electric with 163 CV of power and offers a range of 350 kilometers per charge.

Barcelona has been chosen as the second stop of the Etioca Road Show - 2023 World Tour, a tour in which Etioca Holding is presenting its Miner to the world, a model that seeks to be the taxi of the future, starting its activity in 2024 and taking into account the opinions and needs of taxi drivers stop its development.
The project has been running for five years and its first prototype, the Etioca Miner, which was in operation in the Catalan capital, is already operational.
Although it is still susceptible to changes in its production version, the model will not vary much from the one that has already been released.

Its design may be reminiscent of the autonomous capsules that have been released in recent years, but it is not a driverless vehicle. The taxi driver will continue to drive the car and its very rectangular format is solely due to the need to offer as much interior space as possible.
It has a length of 4.95 meters, a width of 1.95 meters and a height of 2.01 meters, with a wheelbase of 3.5 meters. The interior features multiple configurations with up to seven seats, with alternatives such as four seats facing each other or seats with space between them to accommodate users with wheelchairs.
In addition, inside you can install different types of equipment, such as chargers, screens or a food and drink sales service on board.
It will only be available, at least initially, with an electric propulsion system with a 120 kW (163 hp) motor associated with the front axle, which allows it to reach speeds of up to 150 km/h. It mounts a 100 kWh capacity battery and approves a range of 350 kilometers.
In addition, the company has a quick battery exchange system that users can use daily. It also intends to offer different packages to taxi drivers who want to use a Miner, for which they will have to pay a rate of 0.36 cents per kilometer.
Mark Ishakov, founder of Etioca Holding, has declared: “We intend to guide cultural and social change towards sustainable mobility, offering solutions that protect the environment and increase the quality of life of future generations. The Etioca ecosystem has the basis to guide the transition towards electric mobility that is at the service of the urban communities of the future, which aspire to reduce emissions and traffic in cities, introducing sustainable, functional and shared vehicles”.
The company affirms that by the end of 2024 there will already be 10,000 taxis in circulation, that in 2025 it will have an annual production of 45,000 units and that in 2027 it will reach 100,000 units. In addition, he points out that he is currently negotiating the pre-reservation of 90,000 copies.


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