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El proyecto de Etioca Holding se comercializará a partir de 2024

The Etioca Taxi Miner is the first project of Etioca Holding, a company that, after studying the taxi and urban mobility sector for more than five years, has launched this first prototype that will be marketed from 2024 and has presented at Barcelona’s El Prat airport, as part of the Road Show that the company is carrying out.
It is an electric, digitized vehicle in the shape of a minibus with capacity for nine people plus an additional space for people with reduced mobility. Designed in Turin (Italy), this revolutionary new project is aimed at the taxi sector.
Features of Etioca Taxi Miner

The vehicle has been designed for urban passenger mobility based on a modular platform that contemplates different configurations. Among the taxi equipment there will be a nebulizer and a disinfection system to use after each journey. In addition, the interchangeable battery system will allow the vehicle to have maximum autonomy again in just three minutes.
Vehicle dimensions: The Etioca Taxi Miner will have a length of 4.95 meters, a width of 1.95 meters and a height of 2.01 meters. It will work with two-wheel drive and with a wheelbase of 3.5 meters.
Electric drive: The vehicle will have a motor with a power of 120 kilowatts, 163 horsepower and will be able to reach a speed of up to 150 km/h.
Safety for the driver: The driver’s position of the Etioca Taxi Miner is in a small cabin, isolated from the passengers.
Autonomy: The vehicle will have an autonomy of about 350 km thanks to a 100 Kwh battery.
Extra services for passengers: The Etioca Taxi Miner also thinks of passengers and will offer them different services during the journey. Some of these are: a minibar, a real-time map, chargers and plugs for all types of computers and smartphones, digital screens and a payment terminal. In addition, the vehicle will have an elevating cargo platform, a large space dedicated to loading luggage and even a retractable platform to transport bicycles.
Cost of use: The rates will be variable and will start at 0.36 cents per kilometer. In addition, there will be additional packages that will include a battery change, maintenance insurance, a daily vehicle wash or a replacement in case of breakdown.
Marketing and company plans
Taxi drivers already have the possibility of pre-reserving the vehicle through a form that they can fill out on the company’s website and after paying 100 euros, which will be returned to them when the vehicle is delivered in 2024.
By the end of next year, the Etioca Holding company plans that some 10,000 taxis will already be in circulation, 45,000 in 2025 and around 100,000 in 2027. So far, the company has confirmed that it already has more than 90,000 reservations. between Spain, Italy, Israel and Latvia.


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