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Curious spy photos have reached the newsroom. It is a 100% electric shared mobility model, a Robotaxi called ETIOCA Miner that has been caught in tests. Created in Italy and with a very futuristic design in which Giugiaro has participated, which will roll on the transalpine roads in 2024.

It is called ETIOCA Miner and it has been hunted in its first tests. A new concept of shared mobility and 100% electric, one of the first Robotaxi created in Europe. Specifically in Italy, a new form of transport that has already been put up for sale and that will begin its commercial journey in 2024 in the main cities of the transalpine country, as well as in Israel and Latvia.
Ideal for transport in the historical centers, these are the first spy photos of this ETIOCA product. Hunted aboard a car transporter, its technicians have been preparing the European Robotaxi to carry out a series of driving tests. Some interesting images that have reached us in the writing of, and in which we can see the futuristic design of this electric that the prestigious Giugiaro study has implemented. The ETIOCA Miner is characterized by very angular and polygonal lines, with the headlights arranged vertically on either side of the windshield.
Fine front pillars with large windows for a separate driver’s compartment, which is accessed through automatically deployable side ramps on the right side, and with space for seven passengers as well as a seat specifically for the disabled. The firm is working to make the ETIOCA Miner a 100% autonomous model by 2025.
An avant-garde mobility model that has powerful sanitizing equipment, which is automatically activated when the passenger compartment has been emptied and which eliminates toxic particles and bacteria thanks to the combination of the effects of ultraviolet light and a nebulizer. The firm will manufacture this concept of Robotaxi in Italy, of which they point out that they already have more than 10,000 orders for this electric taxi that, in the future, will be offered adapted to other uses such as ambulance or work vehicle.

The ETIOCA Miner will be operational in Italy in 2024
The Italian firm has not provided any information about its propulsion system, beyond pointing out that it is the first development resulting from the new modular platform called “ANNA” and that, instead of offering a recharging system for its battery, it is It will guide you to replace it when it is downloaded. The ETIOCA Miner will be offered to independent taxi drivers for a period of 4 years and at a price of 0.99 euros/km, eliminating the concept of vehicle ownership and including battery replacement, connected to a mobile platform where customers book and They pay for the transportation service.


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