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Still in the prototype phase, this taxi developed by the ETIOCA holding visited Barcelona last weekend, specifically the El Prat airport, to make it known to the workers of the union.

It is a vehicle designed for this activity and transferred directly for use, without the need for advance payments, and with daily electrical charging (battery exchange), daily vehicle washing, insurance, and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance aimed at a new generation of workers. that they are no longer obliged to buy a car, but can use it to carry out their work.
The car has avant-garde shapes, it is electric, it is fully digitized and practicality prevails inside, with different configurations.
The rates are established based on different packages, and among them is 0.36 cents per kilometer for the use of the assigned vehicle in use. There are also additional services, such as battery change, daily vehicle washing, insurance, maintenance and replacement in case of breakdown.

10,000 units in 2024 Currently, taxi drivers have the possibility of filling out a pre-reservation form that is available on the website, where they can register for a payment of 100 euros. This amount makes it possible to manage the feasibility of the order and is returned to future drivers on the ETIOCA debit card the same day the vehicle is delivered, starting in 2024.
By the end of next year, the first 10,000 ETIOCA taxis will be in circulation. The annual production in 2025 will be 45,000 units, and will reach 100,000 units per year in 2027, with an initial investment of 400 million dollars to reach 1,200 million in the next 3 years.
In addition, they have a new generation of service vehicles built on “Anna”, the modular architecture platform from which Miner has been developed and which allows different configurations, not only taxis, but also commercial, security and security vehicles. defense or ambulances, with the aim of making all forms of road transport sustainable.


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